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Custom Trailers

Custom Tiny House On Wheels

Our purpose built trailers are custom made for each tiny home. Engineered specifically to create a solid foundation with  added allowances for towing. All trailers have paint protection and are engineered to hold 4.5 tonnes, which will support the entire structure of the home.


We use low profile trailers allowing extra internal ceiling height. These low profile trailers have the same engineering strength as a regular size trailer with a max height of 4.3m high.

10 metre trailer for tiny house

Trailer Sizes

- 6.0m x 2.4m  (2 wheel Axles)  3.5 Tonne

- 6.0m x 2.4m  (3 wheel Axles)  4.5 Tonne

- 7.2m x 2.4m  (3 wheel Axles)  4.5 Tonne

- 8.4m x 2.4m  (3 wheel Axles)  4.5 Tonne

- 9.0m x 2.4m  (3 wheel Axles)  4.5 Tonne

Trailer Sizes


- Engineered to Australian Standards

- VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

- Compliance Plate

- Electric Break-Away System

- Steel Dural Gal(Rust Protection) 

- Hand Brake

- LED Rear Lights

- Stabilizers

- Anchoring Points

- Low Profile Trailers

Trailer Specifications

Tiny home trailer
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