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Solar panel trailer

All Kookaburra Tiny Homes are designed to be energy efficient and sustainable with the planet, so they can all be upgraded with multiple choices in off grid options.


We look to a future where we are building homes and lives to be more at one with nature.


We encourage all to live a sustainable and independent life while still enjoying all the luxury of a conventional home would provide for you.

Off Grid Packages

- Composting Toilets

  Clivus Multrum & Cinderella Incinerating Toilet

- Electricity - Solar Systems and Generators

- Solar Trailer Frames

- Water Storage Tanks,

- Gutters and Filtration Systems

- Grey Water Systems

- Grease Trap Systems

Available Options

Compost Toilet Bathroom

Complete Solar Power systems can be included into your tiny home design / build. Solar Panels can be installed onto the roof depending on the roof’s shape and design and another option is to have the solar panels mounted on the ground or trailer mounted for movability. 


Going Off grid can be an amazing experience. It’s important to plan out your power usage and appliances used. Some appliances can draw lots of power !



We can help suggest energy efficient options.

We have tailored Solar system packages to suit most energy requirements.

We supply Lithium batteries.

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